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Building Stronger Connections & Empowering Opportunity

Building infrastructure, investing in technology, and expanding access to the connectivity that empowers opportunity today, tomorrow, and every day after that.

Technology & Innovation

From 2016-2020 alone, Charter invested nearly $40 billion in American infrastructure and technology. Charter is investing in innovative technologies to drive innovations that will power the future of connectivity – including the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, and the apps of tomorrow. These investments will ultimately enable us to deliver high capacity, high compute, low latency connectivity to our customers in communities big and small across the country.

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Privacy & Security

Consumers today and in the future deserve the ability to control how their information is collected and used whenever they use the internet, and wherever they go online. This is why Charter has long called for national online privacy legislation that starts with the consumer and is grounded in 5 core principles: control, transparency, parity, uniformity, and security.

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Building the connectivity needs of today – and tomorrow – requires a full range of wired and wireless technologies and a full toolkit of spectrum that includes licensed and unlicensed, high-band, mid-band, and low-band spectrum. The future of connectivity is near, and Charter is committed to making sure Americans across the country – in urban areas – can access the benefits that ultra-fast, low-latency broadband will provide.

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The video marketplace is more vibrant than ever, offering consumers an unprecedented amount of content on an array of devices.

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Investing in What Matters

Investing in our workforce and strengthening the communities we serve.

Our Employees

Our diverse, highly skilled employees are our greatest resource – and investing in their success helps us better serve our customers and build stronger connections in the communities we serve.

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Disaster & Crisis Support

Charter is committed to keeping people connected when it matters most – especially in times of need. Be it the COVID-19 pandemic, when access to reliable internet became more important than ever, or through natural disasters when sustained service means access to emergency services, family and lifesaving resources – connectivity is essential to life today. During times of crisis, Charter is there for the communities it serves, and the people who rely on us.

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Strengthening Communities

Charter is deeply committed to the vibrant communities we serve – where our customers and our employees live and work. We’re investing in these communities through digital education, safer and healthier homes, charitable giving, small business investments, hyper-local news, and more. The communities in which we live and work are the very foundation of our business and we’re committed to practices that have meaningful impact on them.

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Empowering Opportunity in Rural America

Charter is committed to expanding broadband access to all Americans, regardless of whether they live in a big city or rural town. From 2018-2020 alone, we extended our network to reach an additional 2.5 million new homes and businesses, about a third in rural areas. And we’re continually investing in network infrastructure and access in our fight to bridge the rural digital divide.