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Building Stronger Connections & Empowering Opportunity

Building infrastructure, investing in technology, and expanding access to the connectivity that empowers opportunity today, tomorrow, and every day after that.

  • Network Investment & Access

    In 2022 alone, Charter extended its network to reach more than 1 million additional homes and businessess across the country. 

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  • Technology & Innovation

    From 2017-2021 alone, Charter invested over $40 billion in American infrastructure and technology. Charter is investing in innovative technologies to drive innovation.

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  • Privacy & Security

    Consumers today and in the future deserve the ability to control how their information is collected and used whenever they use the internet, and wherever they go online.

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  • Spectrum

    Building the connectivity needs of today – and tomorrow – requires a full range of wired and wireless technologies and a full toolkit of spectrum, including licensed and unlicensed.

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  • Video

    The video marketplace is more vibrant than ever, offering consumers an unprecedented amount of content on an array of devices.

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Investing in What Matters

Investing in our workforce and strengthening the communities we serve.

  • Our Employees

    Our diverse, highly skilled employees are our greatest resource – and investing in their success helps us better serve our customers and build stronger connections. 

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  • Disaster & Crisis Support

    Charter is committed to keeping people connected when it matters most – especially in times of need.

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  • Strengthening Communities

    Charter is deeply committed to the vibrant communities we serve – where our customers and our employees live and work.

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Empowering Opportunity in Rural America

Charter is committed to expanding broadband access to all Americans, regardless of whether they live in a big city or rural town. In 2022 alone, Charter extended its network to reach more than 1 million additional homes and businesses across the country. And we’re continually investing in network infrastructure and access in our fight to bridge the rural digital divide.