Disaster & Crisis Support

Charter is committed to keeping people connected when it matters most – especially in times of need. Be it the COVID-19 pandemic, when access to reliable internet became more important than ever, or through natural disasters when sustained service means access to emergency services, family and lifesaving resources – connectivity is essential to life today. During times of crisis, Charter is there for the communities it serves, and the people who rely on us.

Wild Fires

COVID-19 Response

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Charter’s 96,000 employees have been hard at work to meet growing connectivity demands and expand service to help people and institutions directly respond to COVID-19 across our 41-state footprint. By December 31, 2020, we had already:

Home Schooling

Connected nearly 450,000 students, teachers, and their families to up to 200 Mbps broadband service for 60 days at no cost. We’re also partnering directly with school districts to help them provide high-speed broadband internet access on behalf of students, educators, and staff in their own homes through our Stay Connected K-12 program.

Kept nearly 700,000 customers connected and forgiven $85 million in customers’ overdue balances when they had a hard time paying bills due to COVID-related hardship.

Crisis Hub

Taken steps to support small businesses, including offering one month of free service, providing helpful online tools, suspending collections, and not charging late fees or terminating service for small business customers.

Connecting Critical Institutions and Bringing Rural Healthcare Online

•  Wired an emergency COVID-19 hospital with a 1 Gbps connection over the span of just a few days in NYC this spring.

•  Quickly installed new connectivity at a warehouse supplying critical supplies to New York hospitals.

•  Upgraded a Montana hospital to 2 Gbps service in less than a week to help them support smaller clinics in the area.

•  Connected service for a COVID-19 testing site in a park in southeastern Missouri in 8 hours.

Building Stronger Connections

At Charter, we’re committed to building stronger connections every single day to keep our customers connected to the tools, resources, news and entertainment that matter most in a digital economy.