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Spectrum Mobile

Welcome to Spectrum Mobile

July 13, 2018

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On June 30th, Charter was proud to introduce our new mobile offering, Spectrum Mobile, which will make the wireless market more competitive for the benefit of our customers. Charter already had 250 million-plus wireless devices on our WiFi network and adding mobile to our suite of products solidifies Charter’s place as a connectivity leader in both wired and wireless broadband.

Spectrum Mobile combines the best network with the best prices and plans to give our customers real value. Customers can choose between two plans that are simple and easy to use and understand. The unlimited plan will be just $45 a month, and paying “by the gig” will be just $14 per gigabit. For both plans, customers have free nationwide talk and text. By switching to Spectrum Mobile customers can save up to 40% each month on their mobile bill.  (For more information please visit

We also want customers to enjoy a mobile service that best meets their needs. That’s why Spectrum Mobile allows customers to switch plans during the month, giving them more flexibility in their choice of the way in which they pay for the data they need.   And we will serve our mobile customers where and when they’d like – whether it is online, by phone or in newly designed retail stores.

Spectrum Mobile builds on our commitment to provide better and faster broadband. Since 2014, we have invested more than $27 billion in technology and infrastructure. These investments have enabled us to extend the reach of our network, including to rural areas, and significantly increase our broadband speeds at no additional cost to our customers. Last year we boosted our starting broadband speed from 60 Mbps to 100 Mbps and launched Spectrum Internet Gig with plans to make it available across our entire 41 state footprint by the end of 2018.

Now with Spectrum Mobile we’re excited to be bringing competition and our customer focused approach to the wireless market.