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Spectrum Mobile

Presenting Spectrum Mobile 5G

February 14, 2020

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In 2018, Charter introduced Spectrum Mobile to better connect and serve our more than 29 million customers across our 41-state footprint. In under two years, Spectrum Mobile has become one of America’s fastest-growing mobile providers by offering customers the best speeds, with the best devices, at the best value.

This week, Spectrum Mobile announced plans to offer 5G service, the next generation of wireless technology, starting with Samsung’s new line of 5G-enabled phones, beginning March 6. Initially, Spectrum Mobile’s 5G service will offer high-band, ultra-fast millimeter wave coverage in dense urban pockets of select cities, with coverage areas expanding throughout 2020 using high-band and low-band spectrum. Spectrum Mobile customers with 5G-capable phones will seamlessly connect to the best available network – Spectrum Wi-Fi, 5G or 4G LTE – depending on their location. Spectrum Mobile was designed to provide consumers with the highest quality experience at the best value – and now that includes access to next-generation 5G service. And as the technology becomes more widely available, we look forward to expanding 5G coverage and device options.

American consumers and businesses are transitioning to a 5G world, one that is increasingly reliant on seamless, buffer-free connectivity and the real time exchange of information and data. A healthy 5G ecosystem requires both licensed and unlicensed spectrum, and while both types of spectrum are available now, more is needed to power 5G. Fortunately, the FCC is making that happen. For licensed spectrum, the FCC soon will conduct the CBRS auction and has proposed to auction C-Band spectrum as well, making available critical mid-band spectrum needed for 5G mobility. For unlicensed spectrum, the FCC has proposed to enable uses like next generation Wi-Fi to share the whole 6 GHz band with incumbents, providing spectrum necessary to accommodate the explosive traffic growth in Wi-Fi and 5G. These are the steps that will help us win the race to 5G.