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Charter CEO Tom Rutledge Promises More Jobs, Fewer Home Visits

June 17, 2015

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Originally appeared in The Hollywood Reporter
June 17, 2015
Paul Bond

Anyone looking to understand the reasons behind the $78.7 billion deal that Charter Communications struck with TW Cable last week need look no further than their own set-top box.

Charter Communications CEO Tom Rutledge acknowledged Wednesday that nobody likes the cable guy, but his company is doing something about that — and is one of many reasons that its pending $55 billion merger with Time Warner Cable and $10.4 billion acquisition of Bright House Networks ought to be approved.

Other reasons regulators should approve the transactions is that they’ll lead to technological advancements and more jobs, Rutledge said at the Guggenheim TMT Symposium in New York.

Charter has hired a net 7,000 people in the past three years, and will need an additional 20,000 following the merger of TWC and acquisition of Bright House, Rutledge said.

“We really believe service is a key element to the business,” Rutledge said. “Quality can save you money, so we are believers in hiring people to work for us and not sending calls offshore — hiring actual employees and training and investing in them as opposed to contractors.”

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