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Investing in Our Greatest Resource – Our Highly-Skilled, Diverse Workforce

September 16, 2020

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Our workforce is key to our long-term success and we’re proud to invest in them. This commitment to our employees is why every employee already makes at least two times the federal minimum wage, and why Charter CEO Tom Rutledge announced we will permanently raising our minimum wage for all employees to $20 per hour in 2022.

We offer robust benefits, paid time off, company-paid retirement programs, and opportunities for advancement, because Charter is a company where our workers don’t just do their jobs, they build careers. And when the lives of our employees are improved, they in turn improve the lives of the customers they serve.

At Charter, we offer our employees:

  • Robust health care
  • Company-paid retirement programs
  • At least 2x the federal minimum wage
  • A $20 minimum wage in 2022

Our $20 minimum wage continues our commitment to our employees and our customers. After three companies came together to form Charter Spectrum, we started building for the long term. We invested over $30 billion in training, tools, trucks, test equipment, new call centers, network upgrades, buildings, labs, product development, set top boxes, Wi-Fi routers, modems, and news channels. We also brought work back from overseas, reduced our reliance on contractors, and hired locally.


Our workforce includes:

  • 95,000 Employees
  • 47% People of Color
  • Nearly 10,000 Veterans and Military Reservists
Charter Employee Cesar