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Network Investment and Access

Delivering Fast, Affordable Internet Without the Extra Fees

March 6, 2023

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Charter delivers high-quality, reliable connectivity products supported by excellent customer service from our U.S.-based, insourced employees – all at competitive residential retail rates and speeds that are consistent across our entire footprint with no data caps, no modem fees, and no annual contracts. We want our customers to be free from the burden of hidden costs, which is why:

  • Charter provides the same residential broadband retail rates and speed tiers across its entire 41-state service area. Because we offer nationwide pricing, our best-in-class products – which include gigabit-speed service availability throughout our footprint – are affordable regardless of whether a customer lives in an urban, suburban, or rural community.
  • Spectrum plans have no modem fees, no data caps, and no contracts – which means our customers are free to change service providers at any time, with no risk of early termination fees.
  • For customers participating in promotions, every month Spectrum's bills clearly detail the retail rate of the service purchased, the current discount value the customer receives, the time left before the promotional rate ends, and the rate the customer will pay for service when the promotion has ended.

Additionally, to make high-speed internet service more accessible for low-income households, all Spectrum Internet® plans are eligible for credits under the Federal Communications Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program, which makes quality, high-speed internet service available at a low – or even at no – cost to eligible families in financial need.

Our commitment to delivering fast and reliable services to our customers is bolstered by Charter’s 100,000+ employees who live and work in the communities we serve. In addition to earning a wage of at least $20 per hour, Charter provides comprehensive health benefits and works to minimize coverage increases— for 10 consecutive years, the company has absorbed the full annual cost increase of medical, dental and vision coverage. We also offer employees a market-leading retirement plan and were proud to have been named one of America's Best Large Employers of 2023 by Forbes. These efforts combine to help us deliver on our core business objective: providing superior products with great customer service.