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Powering Small Businesses with Spectrum Business

November 20, 2018

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On Small Business Saturday we celebrate our small businesses – the lifeblood of towns and cities across the country. Every day, businesses like Spring Lake Winery, owned by Tamre Varallo, and Bryant Trinh’s coffee shop, Bad Coffee, help local economies thrive by providing important goods and services, hiring new employees, and improving the communities in which they operate by attracting new customers to the area.

These days, reliable, top-quality communications tools are necessary for growth and continued success. More than ever, small businesses rely on technology to serve their customers, market their goods and services effectively, and run their operations. This Small Business Saturday, like every day, with Spectrum Business’ suite of products and services, Charter is providing the tools businesses need to get the job done.

For three generations, the Varallo family has been making wine in upstate New York, and they know what it takes to have their business grow and succeed. Spring Lake Winery has become a popular upstate New York destination for wine tours, weddings, and events alike. According to Spring Valley Winery’s owner, before their switch to Spectrum Business, their internet service was spotty at best. But enabling their customers to connect with friends online while sharing photos of the gorgeous venue and their personal celebrations is as vital to the Varallos’ business as fine wine and picture perfect views. That’s where Spectrum Business came in. Spring Valley owner Tamre Varallo explained, “In today’s social media world, everyone likes to share their experiences… so having high-speed internet and access to internet is really important for us. We needed the ability to grow as a business, and grow with a company who could meet our needs.”Spectrum Business provides small and medium size businesses across the 41 states we serve superior Internet with free tools like web hosting, custom email addresses, and cloud backup services. Our customers have all of the bandwidth they need to download large files, connect customers with employees in real time, process credit card transactions quickly, and run cloud-based apps at the same time. We even help businesses protect themselves by providing free desktop security software with up to 25 licenses. In addition, we now offer Spectrum Business Internet Gig to businesses across our footprint, including small towns, large cities, and everywhere in between.



Simply speaking, these Internet tools are the things small businesses need to succeed – businesses like Bad Coffee rely on serving the best “bad” coffee they can brew with a side of fast, reliable internet access so customers can do all the work they need from the comfort of the café. With speeds of 100 Mbps, 400 Mbps or Spectrum Business Internet Gig (up to 940 Mpbs), Spectrum Businesses made all the difference for Bryant. “The faster and more reliable internet affected our business in a very positive way” said Bryant. “We noticed that more students came and stayed to do their work, too. Spectrum Business has been incredibly responsive and able to provide what we need to give to our customers.”



With Spectrum Business, we are proud to serve small businesses like Bad Coffee and Spring Lake Winery with our superior broadband and other business services to help them and their communities succeed. It takes 21st century tools for them to realize the American Dream and providing them is how we serve our customers and strengthen the communities where they live and work.