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Investing in Missouri’s Workers and Infrastructure

December 9, 2016

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Today, Charter hosted a tour for city officials and community leaders of its newly-renovated field operations training and engineering center located in St Ann, MO. This state-of-the-art facility is one of our most technologically advanced.

Charter technicians go through an extensive paid training program to learn how Charter’s network is engineered, how to connect customers to our quality high-speed internet, video and voice services and the ways to effectively respond to customers’ needs.

In St. Ann, we invested $2.6 million to completely renovate a vacant 24,000 square foot facility, and transformed it into a cutting-edge field training center. The St. Ann Field Operations Training and Engineering Center includes a new pole yard, new mock training houses, technically advanced training solutions for tech advancement, LED lighting, plus a high-efficiency infrastructure.

Since 2013, just in the St. Louis area, we’ve hired more than 500 technicians, bringing our total local employees to over 4,000. Our commitment to St. Ann is part of our larger priorities of investing in training and benefits for our workforce in Missouri and across America.
We’re thrilled to have a new facility where we can equip our employees with the latest tools and training they need to support our growing customer base.

Charter’s investments in its employees enable us to ensure our workforce is properly trained and incentivized to give the best possible experience to our customers. These positions are good jobs with robust benefits, retirement security, and opportunities for career advancement and continued training.

We look forward to continuing to provide superior products and high-quality service to our customers in Missouri, and throughout the country for many years to come.