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Spectrum Internet Assist

Greater Access to Better Broadband

November 14, 2016

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At Charter, we’re committed to the goal of expanding access to broadband, as well as ensuring every single one of our customers has the latest innovative products at the best value.

Economic hardship can make access to broadband difficult for some consumers, particularly those who are raising children and seniors who are living on a fixed income.   We want to do our part to bridge that digital divide.

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 34 million Americans lack access to high-speed broadband in their homes. This comes at a time when getting online is no longer optional if you want to have a shot at the most enriching education, the most competitive jobs, the best health care and even the social interactions that connect families and make our communities thrive.

As a broadband provider, we feel we have a responsibility to help make these tools more accessible, regardless of the size of their paycheck.

This is why we’re proud to offer a new, industry-leading broadband option for low-income families and senior citizens. Spectrum Internet Assist delivers speeds of 30/4 Mbps for $14.99 per month, three times the speed of other low-cost offerings on the market and the only low-cost broadband offering that meets and even exceeds the FCC’s own definition of “high-speed” internet.

Spectrum Internet Assist is available to families with students who participate in the National School Lunch Program, as well as seniors who receive Supplemental Security Income program benefits. Starting today, Spectrum Internet Assist will be available across Charter’s legacy service area, and will be available across our entire expanded footprint by mid-2017.

Great students, great employees and great ideas come from anywhere and everywhere and at any age, so we’re committed to making sure more families and seniors than ever have access to the tools they need to participate fully in our economy, engage with their communities and connect with their loved ones. We’re excited for all the ways Spectrum Internet Assist will enhance our commitment to the communities we serve and better our country as a whole.

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