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Diversity & Inclusion

Fostering Valuable Dialogues around “The Green Book: Guide to Freedom”

March 11, 2019

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During Black History Month, Charter was proud to partner with Smithsonian Channel to present a series of screenings of the new original documentary, “The Green Book: Guide to Freedom.” Originally published in 1936, the Green Book served as a guide for African American travelers with information on hotels, restaurants, and other facilities where they would be welcome in pre-civil rights America. The film shines a light on businesses that were included in the guide. These events built on our ongoing partnership with Smithsonian Channel. Last year we sponsored several screenings and conversations around the channel’s documentary “The Lost Tapes: Malcolm X.”

The screenings of the film in Columbia, Raleigh, Cleveland, Orlando and Harlem were followed by panel discussions with historical experts and community leaders about the local ties and significance of the Green Book in those communities. Participants shared their personal reflections about local connections to the Green Book and reflected on how the Green Book is still relevant and serves as an instructional piece of history in today’s society.

Charter is committed to diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our business including our workforce, the products and services we offer, and our suppliers. By doing so we are able to address the needs of our diverse customers, support our local communities, and create an environment in which our employees of various backgrounds, experiences and perspectives can thrive. We were pleased to have the opportunity to help foster valuable community dialogues around impactful programming like the “The Green Book: Guide to Freedom.”