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Charter is growing American jobs

October 14, 2016

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Unlike the companies mentioned in this recent WSJ article, Charter Communications plans to add 20,000 employees to our more than 90,000 employees located across the 41 states we serve. That’s 20,000 more good American jobs, returning from overseas and placed right in the communities we serve, like Kettering, Ohio and Appleton, WI. Moreover, Charter’s workforce reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. Not only is it good for our business and economic growth, it’s good for customers too.

When a company like Charter hires neighbors to serve their neighbors, everyone wins. The quality of our service and customer experience improves, unemployment goes down and folks take better care of each other. It’s also one of the reasons our workforce reflects the diversity of America. 40% of our employees are people of color, and more than 10% are military veterans.

And that’s what is missing in much of the tech industry. Silicon Valley is filled with companies with ever-growing stock valuations, but not much of that corporate wealth is shared with the average American worker who buys their products and services.

From 2012 through our recent merger with Time Warner Cable and Bright House, we expanded our American workforce by 43 percent, adding more than 7,000 jobs here at home by bringing call centers back to the US and insourcing our field technician operations.

Now that we are a bigger company, we will do the same on that larger scale. Charter is committed to creating 20,000 new jobs, primarily in customer service, to serve our customers located in 41 states. We are deeply committed to the communities we serve, and our number one priority is providing superior customer service. By locating our call centers here at home and bringing our operations in-house, we can better ensure our customers receive the superior service and customer experience that they deserve.