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Diversity & Inclusion

Building strong partnerships with California’s diverse communities

November 1, 2016

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As we think about our company today and where we want it to be going forward, Charter is committed to ensuring that we reflect and support the communities we serve.

We’ve recently appointed a new Chief Diversity Officer, Rhonda Crichlow, who will be responsible for the overall strategic direction for Charter’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, and ensuring that diversity and inclusion are fully integrated into all aspects of the business.  A key opportunity includes working with suppliers to enhance our business.

This Tuesday, November 1, Charter is the lead sponsor of the annual California Cable Supplier Diversity Conference, an industry-wide event which provides a forum for major cable operators like Charter to meet face-to-face with a wide range of suppliers and discuss opportunities to work together. We’re hopeful that this and other events will lead to more and better partnerships across all our lines of business in California and beyond.

Through events like these, we are creating relationships with a wide range of minority, women, LGBT, individuals with disabilities and veteran-owned businesses. The more robust our supplier diversity, the greater the opportunity to further our core business objectives of offering the most innovative products and superior services to our customers.  Increasing the diversity of our suppliers is not only good for Charter, and it allows small business owners to build their companies and hire additional workers bringing economic growth and innovation into all communities.

California continues to play an important role as we integrate three companies to serve 24 million subscribers across 41 states. To recognize this, we’ve signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the California-based National Diversity Coalition, representing a range of Asian, African and Latino-American groups and faith-based organizations throughout the state to build a strong foundation of partnerships in this unique market. One of these organizations, the National Asian American Coalition (NAAC), recently honored Charter with its 2016-2017 Community Engagement Leadership Award for helping to foster more participation and information-sharing within California’s large Asian American community.

As part of our strong relationship with the NAAC, their television show “Owning a Piece of America” which provides information on financial, education, health, government and community relations, recently joined the Charter Cable Network. This partnership is a great example of our goals as we look at the whole of our company, which are much larger than even California.

More than anything, we’re excited about creating a new future for our company, one that reflects the diversity of the communities we feel privileged to serve every day.

More information on Tuesday’s California Cable Supplier Diversity Fair can be found here.