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Spectrum Technician

Delivering Quality Rural Internet Service from Coast to Coast

Charter is proud that its Spectrum Internet® has been consecutively ranked as one of the best internet service providers by U.S. News & World Report. Spectrum Internet also earned the highest rating among the Best Internet Service Providers for Rural Areas, underscoring our ongoing commitment to connecting more communities from coast to coast, including rural areas like Etna, Newburgh, and Swanville, Maine; New Carlisle, South Charleston, and South Vienna, Ohio; and hundreds of previously-unserved homes in South Carolina.

And We're Just Getting Started.

We believe access for all means opportunity for everyone.

That’s why we’re investing billions to extend our network to reach those who need it most. Over the next several years, we will build more than 100,000 miles of new U.S. broadband infrastructure that will deliver reliable, high-speed internet access to even more communities from coast to coast. That’s an extension long enough to circle the equator four times. This $5 billion initiative will connect an FCC-estimated more than one million currently-unserved, mostly rural families and small businesses to reliable broadband service offering speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second.

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Charter delivers high-quality products and services and customer-friendly policies, including:

  • High-value Spectrum pricing and packaging structure, including Spectrum Mobile™, Spectrum TV, and Spectrum Voice offerings

  • No data caps

  • No modem fees

  • No annual contracts

  • High-quality service provided by U.S.-based, insourced employees


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Charter’s customers enjoy fast speeds more consistently, with over 99.9% reliability.

A recent report from the Federal Communications Commission highlighted how Charter is outperforming benchmarks and delivering superior services to our customers. We exceeded 100% of our advertised speeds during peak times on all speeds measured – three downstream speeds and two upstream speeds.

Performance Details
Based on the latest FCC Measuring Broadband America Report.
99.9% network reliability based on average HFC Availability, Nov 2019 - Apr 2020. Visit for details.