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Network Investment and Access

Charter Partnering in Ohio to Help Close the Digital Divide

April 19, 2021

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When the COVID-19 pandemic struck last year, it brought into sharp focus the importance of broadband connectivity and amplified the challenges for those who still lack access to reliable, high-speed internet.  

One of the ways Charter is helping to close the digital divide is by partnering with state and local governments to identify and help connect unserved communities. When Congress passed the CARES Act last year, many states, including Ohio, allocated funding to counties to help support broadband buildout projects to connect unserved residents. 

One of those counties was Clark County in Ohio, where, according to county officials, nearly five percent of the residents lack access to high-speed broadband internet. When the county reached out to Charter in October of last year, Charter teamed up with them to expand broadband access to the communities of New Carlisle, South Charleston, and South Vienna. The nearly $3 million project, which was made possible by the CARES Act, has already begun and when completed, it will include 61 miles of new infrastructure to bring ultra-fast broadband service to more than 415 homes that previously did not have service.

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Broadband can provide life-changing opportunities and Charter is committed to investing in our network to deliver faster and better broadband to more people in more places. Over the last three years Charter has invested more than $20 billion in infrastructure and technology and extended its network to reach an additional 2.5 million homes and small businesses, about a third in rural areas. By bringing high-speed broadband to more people, Charter is connecting millions to the opportunities they need to thrive in the 21st century.

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