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Spectrum Call Center Workers

Investing in Our Employees in McAllen, TX

Since opening in 2017, our call center in McAllen, Texas has grown to more than 1,000 employees, many of whom grew up right in the community. At our state-of-the-art bilingual call center, our employees strive to solve any problem our customers may have and provide an outstanding service experience. Cultivating a highly skilled workforce and helping our employees become masters of their crafts is key to providing our customers with superior products and services.

Through extensive training for new employees as well as ongoing training and education throughout our employees’ careers, we’re helping our customer service agents develop their knowledge of Spectrum technology and services and providing them with the tools they need to help our customers. 

"Since I started working for Charter, I noticed right away that the culture was way different from other call centers. It felt like I'm not a number, I'm not just an agent to take calls." 

– Sebastian Leal, Mobile Leadership

Spectrum Worker

Our workforce training initiatives, such as our call center training programs and the Broadband Field Technician Apprenticeship Program, are designed to give our employees the experience and support they need to chart a career path at Charter that aligns with their expertise and interests. In 2021 alone, Charter invested nearly $300 million toward employee training across the company, helping set them up for long-term success. 

"We're helping them to have that career growth, so we are committed to that, and it's not just within these four walls because there's opportunities across the entire United States with Charter."

– Anabel Chavez, VP Customer Service Operations 


All Charter employees earn at least $20 per hour, which is nearly three times the federal minimum wage, and we offer outstanding benefits that include health care, paid time off, sick leave, and company-paid retirement programs, including for hourly workers. In communities like McAllen, where the unemployment level is higher than the national average, these benefits create opportunities that are not readily available at other companies in the area. 

We also provide a boost to McAllen’s economy by offering bilingual career opportunities for local residents where a vast majority of the of the population speaks Spanish. This not only equips us to better serve our customers, but also helps ensure that our workforce reflects the vibrant diversity of the communities we serve.

Charter is proud of what we’ve built in McAllen. It has enhanced the customer service experience we provide, but it also provides a window into how we’re building a diverse, highly-skilled workforce through investments in employee development and training. Our employees will always be our greatest resource ­– and setting them up for success helps us build stronger connections.  

Watch the video for a glimpse into our McAllen call center.