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Case Study: Investing in the Next-Generation of Connectivity

July 16, 2018

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Charter is the second largest cable broadband provider in an industry undergoing rapid change. To provide the most innovative products and meet the evolving needs and interests of its customers Charter is investing in its network and new technologies.

Charter is well-positioned as a company to use its advanced high-speed network to deploy next-generation 5G and other next- gen wireless technologies and ultimately these improvements will enhance connectivity for millions of its customers. The company is an emerging wireless leader and is currently conducting 4G LTE and 5G trials in markets around the country.

Investments in high-speed connectivity generate more than sizable economic impact, they change the way customers interact with technology and drive new economic development activities tied to the digital economy.

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Additional Case Studies

Delivering Economic Impact in all 50 States

* Discussion of Case Studies: Several case studies are presented in this report and they are intended to highlight and help contextualize some of the economic impact findings presented in this report. Please note that all content presented in each of these case studies was prepared by Charter Communications and Oxford Economics did not independently verify the material presented in any of these case studies.