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Network Investment and Access

Helping Rural Camp Cole Transform More Lives

August 29, 2022

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Nestled alongside a pond and horse farm in rural Eastover, South Carolina, is Camp Cole – a fully accessible camp and retreat facility for children, teens, and adults facing serious illnesses and other physical, mental, and emotional health or life challenges. Camp Cole’s goal is to provide a traditional camp experience, allowing campers to interact with others facing similar challenges within a safe space for laughing, playing, learning, and growing. 

Internet connectivity is critical to providing many campers with the resources they need, including monitoring medical devices, conducting video calls with doctors and care providers, and ensuring counselors can communicate across the campus. During construction of the Camp Cole facility, camp staff reached out to Charter about getting the rural property online. Within a few short months – and at virtually no cost to them – Camp Cole was connected to Charter’s high-speed Spectrum Internet, and today campers and staff enjoy 300 Mbps speeds across the property. The connectivity and digital tools available make it possible for Camp Cole to provide a safe and meaningful experience for campers, as well as peace of mind for their families. 

It's a challenging environment because it is so rural, but it is rewarding because what you're doing is so important to the community.

Rich Lupino, Senior Director of Construction, Charter Communications

Expanding our network to connect Camp Cole demonstrates Charter’s ongoing commitment to delivering broadband access to unserved, rural communities. In the coming years, our multi-billion-dollar rural construction initiative will deliver access to reliable, high-speed internet service to more than one million currently-unserved, mostly rural homes and small businesses. The happy campers in Eastover, SC, offer a glimpse into how lives and opportunities will be transformed by this effort and the power of broadband.