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Network Investment and Access

Helping Meet the Needs of Low-Income Families and Narrowing the Digital Divide

May 6, 2024

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As the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) program winds down, Charter has offers in place to offset the loss of the ACP benefit and save our customers money. We’re also continuing to narrow the digital divide through several multi-year programs, including our rural construction initiative, our network evolution investment, and our ongoing support within local communities.


An $11+ Billion Commitment to Assist Low Income Families in Need

Charter has helped millions of families in financial need get and stay connected to reliable, high-speed in-home internet service, including through our significant participation in ACP. With ACP funding soon to be exhausted and the program ending, Charter is making several offers available to help households with the transition:

  • Partial ACP Subsidy for the Month of May: Spectrum customers enrolled in ACP will receive a partial credit of $15 ($35 on Tribal lands) on their May bill statements.
  • Continuing Connectivity Savings of $30+/Month for One Year: To offset the loss of the $30/month ACP credit, Charter is offering ACP customers a free Spectrum Unlimited Mobile line – valued at $29.99/month – for one year. In reality, the impact on consumer budgets will be even bigger since customers can save hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars a year by switching to Spectrum Mobile (when compared to the average line cost from other mobile providers) – and that’s before the other mobile providers add taxes and fees. Spectrum Mobile plans have no contracts, additional taxes or fees.  
  • Charter offers a variety of affordable high-speed internet packages to meet its customers connectivity and budget needs, and our nationwide pricing means the same competitive residential retail rates and speed tiers are available and affordable throughout its entire 41-state service area, regardless of whether a customer lives in an urban, suburban, or rural community.


An Investment of Approximately $9 Billion to Deliver Symmetrical and Multi-Gigabit Speed Internet Service to 1.75 Million New Locations

  • Today, Charter is the nation’s #1 rural internet provider, but we’re just getting started. Our multi-year Rural Construction Initiative is an investment of approximately $9 billion – a portion of which we will offset with over $2 billion in government support funding – that will ultimately connect approximately 1.75 million new homes and small businesses across the country.
  • With 295,000 new locations activated in 2023 and an additional approximately 450,000 new locations expected to be activated in 2024, we’re already making great progress on this expansion. In fact, we expect the RDOF portion of the project to be completed by the end of 2026, two years ahead of schedule.


Investment of Nearly $6 Billion to Provide Symmetrical and Multi-Gigabit Speeds Across Our Entire Footprint

  • We’re making a significant financial investment to upgrade our entire network to deliver symmetrical and multi-gigabit speeds to homes and businesses. This 100% Charter-funded investment limits new construction by leveraging existing infrastructure making it cost effective, less disruptive to our customers, and more environmentally friendly. Symmetrical and multi-gigabit speeds are expected to be available across our entire service area in 2026.


Investing in the Communities We Serve

In addition to our network expansion and evolution initiatives, Charter is an active member of the communities where our customers and employees live and work. We’re advancing local communities by promoting economic opportunity and providing access to information and connectivity. Charter’s current philanthropic programs and contributions have committed more than $130 million in support and investment to the communities we serve, including:

  • Spectrum Community Center Assist is dedicating $30 million to revitalize 100 community centers and invest in job training programs that will impact an estimated 50,000 residents in underserved rural and urban communities. Since launching the program in late 2021, Charter has invested more than $6.1 million to revitalize 40 centers reaching nearly 15,000 residents. 
  • Spectrum Community Investment Loan Fund has committed more than $29 million in loan capital, capacity grant donations, and in-kind contributions, through community development financial institutions (CDFIs) to assist small businesses whose goods and services help meet core needs in underserved communities. As of December 31, 2023, the Spectrum Community Investment Loan Fund had made commitments to 15 CDFIs, which have leveraged the capital to finance $59 million in loans benefiting over 1,200 small businesses and creating or retaining more than 5,000 jobs. 
  • Spectrum Digital Education has provided $9 million in funding to organizations that offer digital education classes, technology and unique services such as mobile computer labs. Started in 2017, the program has funded more than 30,000 digital education classes, distributed over 13,000 devices, including laptops, and supported the creation of 157 tech labs. Through Spectrum Digital Education, Charter has partnered with over 100 organizations and impacted more than 100,000 people across 22 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Spectrum Employee Community Grants have invested more than $2 million in support for local nonprofit organizations since the program launched in 2019. Over the next five years Charter has committed to award an additional $2.5 million in grant support to nonprofits nominated by Charter employees with a personal connection to the organization that includes at least one year of their own volunteer work. 
  • Spectrum Reach Pay It Forward has committed more than $50 million in advertising and resources since 2021, helping more than 2,000 underserved businesses in 36 states, from coffee shops and childcare facilities to restaurants and law firms. 

Whether through its programs providing affordable connectivity services to low-income families, expanding access to Spectrum products and services to unserved homes and small businesses, revitalizing community centers or supporting small businesses, Charter is narrowing the digital divide in the communities it serves.