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Protecting Privacy Online

Committed to Protecting Online Privacy for Consumers

November 29, 2017

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Protecting our customer’s online privacy is one of our most important responsibilities as a broadband provider. That means we don’t share or sell our Internet customers’ Internet User Information including their web browsing history with third parties for their own marketing or advertising purposes. And in the event that we ever change these practices, we would let our customers know beforehand and give them the choice before using such data for marketing or advertising purposes.

Charter supports efforts to adopt a uniform set of privacy regulations that ensure all Internet entities – whether they are an ISP, an operator of web browser, website or application, or a data broker – are held to the same standards for how consumer personal data is used. Such an approach would empower consumers to more thoroughly understand exactly how their personal data is being handled and reassure them that rules will be applied consistently across the Internet.

We look forward to working with policymakers to ensure our customers personal data is protected online while also providing them with the most innovative services on the market.

Spectrum customers can learn more about our privacy practices by visiting: