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Spectrum Access

Charter Creates Empowering and Inclusive Experiences for Everyone

November 18, 2021

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We’re proud to serve a diverse customer base and deliver products and services – through our Spectrum brand – that are responsive to our customers’ varied interests and unique needs. From high-quality content to fully accessible products, our offerings serve many abilities, cultures, and languages. Spectrum’s Accessibility Center of Excellence is leading the way to design universal product experiences that work for everyone.

“We recognize that when we design and build our products and services for customers living with disabilities, they will universally work better for all of our customers."

Rich DiGeronimo, Chief Product and Technology Officer

We Design with Accessibility from the Start

Many of our accessibility engineers are native users of assistive technology. Not only do we work tirelessly to create universal and accessible experiences, we understand how essential it is to create seamless integration among Spectrum services and assistive apps. We build accessibility features into all phases of product and service development, deployment, sales, marketing and customer support.

The personal experiences of our design and engineering teams, along with customer research, guide Charter’s innovations, so we can produce better products and services for those who rely on them. By doing so, we create valuable design methods, such as simplified interfaces, which can make navigating easier for those with cognitive impairments. The result? Everyone can understand our interfaces better and use them more effectively.


The Spectrum Access App Creates Richer Entertainment Experiences

The Spectrum Access App enhances the in-home entertainment experience by playing audio descriptions or closed captioning directly from phones and tablets. It’s free for Apple and Android phones and tablets, plus anyone can use it (even non-Spectrum customers). We’ve heard time and again that this tool enriches entertainment experiences for everyone – those with vision or hearing impairments or not. Learn more about the Spectrum Access App.

A Commitment to You

We’re committed to making our products and services accessible to the widest possible audience, and Spectrum Access is just the latest example of that commitment. Spectrum also offers solutions like closed captioning, readable voicemail, Braille and large-print statements, Spectrum Guide Narration and more. And this is just the start as we have many enhancements on our roadmap.

We value diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our business. As we strive to deliver high-quality products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations, we embrace the unique backgrounds, perspectives and experiences of our customers, employees and community partners. From making our products fully accessible to delivering high-quality content, our offerings serve many abilities, cultures, languages and interests. Charter is committed to providing our more than 31 million customers in 41 states with products and services that meet our customers’ unique needs and reflect the full diversity of the U.S.