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Supporting Charlotte and the 2020 Republican National Convention

August 24, 2020

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Everything about 2020 has been unconventional as the country combats COVID-19, and that includes this year’s political conventions. The Republican National Convention, which will take place virtually, may have a new look and feel but what has not changed is Charter’s commitment to the host city of Charlotte and our employees and customers that call North Carolina home.

As a premier connectivity partner, Charter built a robust infrastructure in the Uptown Charlotte area encompassing a four-block area to serve the Republican National Convention. This buildout will provide a high-capacity, fiber-based network that will offer multiple advanced services including video, voice, transport services, and internet services with industry-leading bandwidth capability. These services, which will help support virtual attendance for the reworked convention activities in Charlotte, will continue to serve the area even after the Republican National Convention leaves town.

This buildout was part of a $1 million investment from Charter to show its support for the city of Charlotte and power of the advantages the city offers for hosting large scale media events like the RNC. Charter made a similar investment in Milwaukee, WI for the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

Spectrum Networks’ Comprehensive, Cross-Platform Coverage

Throughout its duration, Spectrum Networks will provide comprehensive, cross-platform coverage of the Republican National Convention August 24 through August 27, much like the coverage provided during the Democratic National Convention August 17 through August 20. Leveraging its 30 plus linear news networks and the Spectrum News App, a new digital news platform, Spectrum News will provide a robust lineup of objective and exclusive programming to highlight the issues from the national political stage that are most relevant to local communities.

Investing in Communities across North Carolina

Investing in North Carolina and its residents is nothing new–not only did Charter invest $746 million last year to support our more than 2.6 million customers across the state, but Charter and our nearly 11,000 employees have invested their time and money to help better the communities where they live and work. Through Spectrum Housing Assist we helped improve 1,426 homes and donated 1,415 volunteer hours in 2019 through Safe & Healthy Home Kit events, home rebuilds, and smoke alarm installations. In addition, as part of Spectrum Digital Education Grants we awarded 50 laptops and donated $120,000 to local nonprofit organizations that promote digital literacy, and donated $19,500 to employee-supported organizations through Spectrum Employee Community Grants.



“We are proud to continue to invest in the state of North Carolina, which is home to millions of Charter customers and thousands of employees and were delighted to show our strong support for the city of Charlotte when it was selected to host the RNC.”

– Marva Johnson, GVP, State Government Affairs