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Combatting Robocalls

Putting Customers First: Ending Unwanted Robocalls for Spectrum Voice Subscribers

November 9, 2016

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At Charter we are always exploring new ways to enhance the customer experience and have been expanding the ability of our customers to stop unsolicited robocalls using a call-blocking application “Nomorobo.” Robocalls are the automated telephone calls that convey a recorded message, typically on behalf of a telemarketing company or a political party, that always seem to be placed during dinner or at kids’ bedtime.

Every year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) receives more than 200,000 consumer complaints about robocalls making it the number one topic of consumer complaints.  Customers contact the FCC with concerns about more than just annoyance – their complaints are related to the privacy of their data, fraud and identity theft.

As part of offering our customers superior products at a better value, we have been upgrading our voice service. With this upgrade, customers will be able to stop unsolicited telemarketing and robocalls using, “Nomorobo” a call-blocking application. Nomorobo uses a list of known, unwanted phone numbers, including those on the “Do Not Call” Registry, to automatically block unwanted phone calls from telemarketers and robocallers. Incoming calls ring both on the customer’s phone line and on Nomorobo’s servers. If the number is recognized as being unwanted, it’s blocked and disconnected after just one ring. With Nomorobo, customers can continue to receive calls from automated call lists they opt into, such as their children’s schools and local emergency services.

We are pleased Nomorobo is now available across the entire legacy Charter and legacy Time Warner Cable footprints. We expect it to be available in former Bright House Networks markets next year.

At Charter, the customer experience is our highest priority. It’s why we offer superior products with simplified packaging and pricing at a great value – like broadband with a base speed of 60 Mbps without hidden fees and annual contracts. We also care about our customers’ privacy and enjoyment of our services. Adding Nomorobo to the array of options gives customers the peace of mind they need so they can enjoy the information and entertainment they want.