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Combatting Robocalls

Charter Takes New Steps to Block Robocalls

January 15, 2021

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No, it is not just you – every month, US consumers are estimated to receive billions of robocalls. However, as Spectrum’s Senior Vice President of Internet and Voice Products, Carl Leuschner, says “these unwanted or fraudulent calls are not only a nuisance, but can also pose security threats to consumers targeted by scams.” That’s why Charter recently launched Call Guard, a new advanced caller ID and robocall blocking solution, for both Spectrum Voice and Spectrum Business Voice customers.

Call Guard uses industry-leading data and predictive analytics to assess incoming calls, applying a score based on the measured risk level, and categorizing malicious or likely fraudulent calls. Call Guard automatically blocks calls categorized as highly likely to be malicious, and applies a caller ID alert of “Spam Risk” to other suspicious telemarketing or potential spam calls to ensure our customers continue to receive the legitimate calls they need that may be delivering important information from schools or healthcare providers. 

Leuschner noted that Call Guard continues Charter’s work protecting our customers’ privacy saying, “we are making Call Guard automatically available to all our customers as part of our commitment to providing quality products that prioritize safety and security.” To ensure all of our customers receive the protection that Call Guard offers, it has been automatically activated at no additional charge for Spectrum Voice and Spectrum Business Voice customers. Customers can also manage their Call Guard features and preferences online through their voice portal.

This latest service is just one of many steps Charter has taken to fight robocalls. Earlier this year, Charter announced a partnership with Hiya that helps Spectrum Mobile customers identify spam calls, block specific numbers, and identify calls from businesses. Charter also completed its network-wide implementation of the STIR/SHAKEN call authentication protocol, which helps identify caller-ID spoofing and the sources of fraudulent calls, at the end of 2019, is a member of the Industry Traceback Group, which works with law enforcement and government agencies to identify the origins of illegal or harmful robocalls, and recently chaired the Voice Service Providers Working Group as part of the Federal Communications Commission’s Hospital Robocall Protection Group. 

Charter understands that robocalls serve as a daily frustration and security risk to millions of Americans and is taking an aggressive, multi-pronged approach to address this issue and provide relief. 

More information about Call Guard and other Spectrum Voice features can be found at