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Protecting Privacy Online

Charter’s Commitment to Consumer Privacy Has Not Changed​

March 31, 2017

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rotecting the privacy of our consumers is one of our most important responsibilities as a broadband provider. Recent activity by Congress does not change, or weaken, Charter’s commitment to the protection of our customers’ online privacy, or our rigorous privacy practices and policies. To be clear it also does not change the way in which Charter collects, uses or shares customer information.

Our privacy policies and practices are consistent with the Federal Trade Commission’s privacy framework, which has been well-respected and effective for more than 20 years, and we adhere to additional privacy protections required by federal and state privacy laws.

In May 2016, Charter combined with Time Warner Cable Inc. (“TWC”) and Bright House Networks LLC (“BHN”), and is in the process of carefully integrating the companies’ legacy practices. As part of that process, Charter is reviewing the practices of the three companies to ensure we are providing our customers with uniform, transparent and easy-to-understand information.

While we are completing that process, we want to highlight a few key points about how we collect and use our customer data, which applies to all of our customers.

  • We do not sell or otherwise share our Internet customers’ web browsing histories to third parties.
  • We also do not sell or share our Internet customers’ information for personalized third-party marketing or advertising.
  • In the event that we change these business practices, we would provide customers with notice and choice before utilizing such data for marketing or advertising purposes.

Customers can learn more about our privacy practices by visiting Former Time Warner Cable customers can visit and former Bright House Networks customers can visit They may also select their privacy and marketing preferences via phone with a customer service representative, or via an electronic form located online.