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Network Investment and Access

Charter CEO: Working Together with the Biden Administration to Connect America

December 16, 2020

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CNN Business asked some of America’s leading CEOs what they’d like to see from the new administration and where they see opportunities to work with the incoming Biden team.

Here’s what Charter CEO Tom Rutledge had to offer:

“Over the past three years, Charter has increased the reach of our broadband network to more than 2.5 million additional homes and businesses, about a third of that expansion is to rural areas. Despite that progress, too many rural Americans still lack access because of the exorbitant expense and regulatory disparities associated with building out to those areas. We look forward to working with the incoming Biden Administration to better identify unserved areas and effectively target subsidies to help reach the most remote and economically unfeasible geographies, while ensuring the regulatory environment doesn’t discourage these investments. We also see a great opportunity – and need – to modernize the programs that help low-income Americans purchase internet service so funds go not to the providers but to the consumers, who can choose the best product to fit their needs.

Finally, as American consumers and businesses transition to a world increasingly reliant on seamless connectivity, the continued allocation of our national spectrum resource is increasingly vital. The Biden Administration will have the opportunity to repurpose billions of dollars’ worth of spectrum and we encourage the Administration to consider technological advances that enable efficient spectrum sharing, a balance of licensed and unlicensed spectrum, and rules that make the market more accessible to more participants.”

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