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Spectrum Policy

Charter Statement on the FCC’s Approval of the 6 GHz Order

April 23, 2020

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – More than ever before, Americans appreciate the critical role Wi-Fi plays in their daily lives. The FCC’s action on 6 GHz will transform the Wi-Fi experience, bringing multi-gigabit speeds to American homes, businesses, hospitals, schools, and more, and this investment in innovation will have a transformative and long-lasting impact on communities of all sizes across the country.

“The future of connectivity is at hand,” said Craig Cowden, Senior Vice President of Wireless Technology at Charter Communications. “The FCC vote to allow unlicensed sharing in 6 GHz will transform Wi-Fi and our daily lives by unleashing innovation that will create immersive online learning and training experiences, advanced telehealth, ultra-high-resolution entertainment, and much more.”

Charter applauds the Chairman’s leadership and the Commission’s tireless efforts to increase the availability of much-needed unlicensed spectrum.