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Title II / Open Internet

Statement in Response to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s Announcement that the FCC Will Consider an Order to Reestablish a Light Touch Regulatory Framework for Internet Access Services

January 21, 2017

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“Charter has had a longstanding commitment to an open internet, which is why we don’t block, throttle or interfere with the lawful activities of our customers. We don’t impose data or usage caps, engage in usage-based billing or charge modem or early termination fees because we want our customers to use and value our broadband service by accessing the content of their choice. We support the FCC returning to the light-touch regulatory framework in place for more than two decades that allowed the online ecosystem to take root and keep up with the speed of innovation. Title II, written for the monopoly phone service in the 1930’s, is simply not designed to provide consumers, and especially those living in rural and hard to serve areas, with a 21st-century broadband.”