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Powering The Future of Innovation Through Connectivity

October 10, 2017

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At Charter, we are entering a new frontier of wireless technology that will connect people like never before at speeds they wouldn’t have dreamed of a few years ago.


To do this, we are pursuing an “inside-out” strategy to create a seamless connectivity experience, building onto our existing pervasive residential, commercial and outdoor Wifi network and incorporating multiple 4G and 5G wireless access technologies. We will execute this strategy in two phases. First, beginning in 2018, Charter will offer a mobile wireless service to its customers, operating as a Wifi-first MVNO. Next, we will implement our own mobile core infrastructure by deploying licensed LTE small cells.

Charter is actively testing licensed small cell technologies which will put us on the path to providing next-generation super-fast, high capacity broadband to our customers. We will combine these 4G LTE and 5G technologies with our existing advanced high-speed network to profoundly enhance connectivity for millions of our subscribers.

These small cell trials demonstrate Charter’s commitment to continually innovate our network and power the communications needs of the future. Our enhanced network will facilitate the interconnectivity of billions of devices and vastly speed up broadband in the home and office. It will also enable ubiquitous connectivity that will allow self-driving cars to speak to each other and patients to receive medical care using augmented and virtual reality.

As the industry embarks on this new frontier, Charter is working to drive forward the next generation of wireless and continue to offer our customers cutting edge technologies in their homes, at work, and the places in between.