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Severe Weather

Rebuilding Communities Together After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

October 25, 2017

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Just weeks ago, hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit the continental U.S., leaving communities we serve in Texas and Florida reeling from the devastation caused by these powerful storms. In Texas, the damage and flooding from Harvey led to thousands of customers losing service. In Florida, the sheer force of Irma knocked out service to more than one million customers, many resulting from commercial power outages.

In the days and weeks after the storms, thousands of technicians, maintenance workers and construction crews worked 12 hour shifts to restore service to our customers as quickly as possible in impacted areas.

Charter is committed to seeing this through. We know that restoring service is just the first part of a long recovery for the regions devastated by the hurricanes.

In collaboration with Spectrum REACH, our advertising sales division, we’ve donated $3.2 million worth of PSAs across Spectrum’s footprint. These are messages from organizations such as the American Red Cross, The Ad Council, and Save the Children seeking support for their relief efforts. And through the end of the year Charter will continue to grow our in-kind contribution airing PSAs by Rebuilding Together and SBPUSA.

To further assist homeowners in the communities we serve with needed home repairs and renovations caused by Harvey and Irma, Charter also provided a donation of $700,000 to Rebuilding Together, a national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting safe and healthy homes. Since 2015, working with Rebuilding Together through our Spectrum Housing Assist initiative, more than 3,000 Charter employee volunteers have improved more than 12,500 homes across the country.

Rebuilding homes and lives damaged by these storms will take time. Charter will be there because the people impacted are our customers and employees, friends and neighbors. We are committed to the communities we serve in Texas, Florida and across our national footprint.