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Partnering with C-SPAN to Honor 2019 StudentCam Winners

April 16, 2019

For nearly 15 years, Charter has been proud to partner with C-SPAN on their annual StudentCam competition, which challenges students around the country to think critically about issues that impact our nation. This year, thousands of students submitted videos on the theme of “what it means to be an American.” The 150 prize winners highlighted important topics like the freedom of the press, religion in America, free speech, and the meaning of the phrase “out of many, one and out of one, many.” We were moved by the spirit of the many fantastic videos students produced on this topic.

As a part of our continued partnership, Charter and C-SPAN traveled to the winners’ schools to honor the students at award ceremonies across our footprint. These events brought together student filmmakers, local elected officials, and schools to celebrate the award-winning short films.

We were delighted that the grand prize winners are from McKinney, Texas, a community Charter is proud to serve. At an event at their school, Imagine International Academy, Mason Daugherty and Eli Scott were presented the award for their video on civic accountability in government, where Congressman Van Taylor and McKinney Mayor George Fuller along with representatives from Charter were in attendance to offer their congratulations.

In addition to the Grand Prize winners in McKinney, Texas, we were excited to see several prize winners from schools throughout our national footprint, including First Prize winners Ella Grace Rodriguez, Justin Whittingham & Luke Sand from Winter Park High School in Winter Park, Florida. You can watch all of the winning videos on the StudentCam page or by clicking on the images highlighted below.

McKinney Texas Winners
McKinney, TX: Grand prize winners Mason Daugherty and Eli Scott with Congressman Van Taylor, Mayor Fuller, and representatives from Charter Communications.


Orlando Florida Winner
Orlando, FL: Honorable Mention winner Marley Gerber with representatives from Glenridge Middle School and Joel Bacon, Marketing Representative at C-SPAN.


McKinney Texas Honorable Mention
McKinney, TX: Congressman Van Taylor with Honorable Mention winners Bernadette Montefalcon, Autumn Khuu & Lauren Sanfelippo.


Columbia South Carolina Winners
Columbia, SC: Several groups of students from Richland Northeast High School won an award for their video, including Second Prize to Darius Adamson, Gabrielle Greenley & Darius Darby, and Third Prize to Jamie Collins, Lo'Ren Suber & Janiya Valentine.


Winter Park Florida winners
Winter Park, FL: Along with the First Prize winners, students from Winter Park High School were recognized for their videos, with Third Prize going to Arden Wallman & Ellie Schuchart in addition to several Honorable Mention winners.


Winter Park Florida winners
Winter Park, FL: First Prize winners Justin Whittingham, Ella Grace Rodriguez, Luke Sand along with Chris Bailey, Director Government Affairs, Charter Communications.


Mansfield Texas winners
Mansfield, TX: Second Prize winners Tanner Fenton, Amy Pham & Zada Jones, as well as Third Prize winners Luke Lechman, Daniel Elliott & Cade Renfroe, with representatives from State Rep. Bill Zedler's office and Charter Communications.​​​​​


Clayton Missouri Winners
Clayton, MO: Third Prize winner Madeline Bale and Honorable mention winners Darryl Sams and Aaron Zoll, along with their teacher Katie Storm, as well as other representatives from the school and St. Louis County Executive's office.


Laramie Wyoming winner
Laramie, WY: Second Prize winner Arundathi Nair with Councilwoman Jessica Stalder.


Kirkwood Missouri winners
Kirkwood, MO: C-SPAN’s Joel Bacon with Third Prize winners Madeline Meyers and Ethan Peter, as well as Honorable Mention winners Alexander WallachCharlotte Wit, and Julia Smotkin.


Lexington Kentucky winners
Lexington, KY: Honorable Mention winner Michael Lozovoy (center) with Lexington City Councilwoman Jennifer Reynolds, State Representative Stan Lee, and representatives from C-SPAN and Charter Communications.

Charter is committed to strengthening the communities we serve, which is why we were pleased to yet again work with C-SPAN StudentCam to enhance civic education across America. The experience and knowledge these StudentCam winners gain through participation in this competition will help position them as future leaders. Congratulations to all of the winners – we can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!

If you’d like to learn more about StudentCam, search for #SpectrumStudentCam on Twitter, or visit their official website.