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Strengthening Communities

Partnering with C-SPAN to Support and Celebrate the Communities We Serve

March 8, 2017

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At Charter, we put our customers first. This means not only providing superior products and services at a good value, but also supporting meaningful work in the communities we serve through partnerships with national organizations, local officials and community leaders. One partnership we are particularly proud of is with C-SPAN.

We are pleased to partner with C-SPAN on its annual StudentCam competition, where middle and high school students from across the country create documentaries sharing their perspective on a national issue, with the top award-winning videos airing on C-SPAN. For 2017, entrants were asked to put together a video highlighting the issue they believe is the most urgent for the new president and congress to address.

In Charter’s footprint alone, 67 students from schools in Wyoming, Missouri, New York, Texas and California, among other states, have been recognized and honored by C-SPAN for their work on 31 award-winning documentary films. To make sure the work of these talented students is recognized and encouraged, we’ll be co-hosting a series of award ceremonies at schools with C-SPAN and local elected officials, educators and community leaders over the next several weeks.

We’re proud to serve so many diverse communities across the country. We are also working with C-SPAN on their Cities Tour series, supporting crews from BookTV and American History TV as they travel to select cities to produce segments that feature the literary life and rich history of entire communities. Over the next few months, with Charter’s help, C-SPAN reporters will be visiting schools, libraries, city council meetings and other community hubs to interview citizens, historians and local officials in places like Redding, CA; Portland, ME; Kansas City, KS; and Saratoga Springs, NY. Each local segment will air later this year.

We also support C-SPAN’s Peabody Award-winning traveling exhibit profiling American presidents, aimed at illustrating how each of these leaders played a pivotal role in shaping American history. The exhibit will be at the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum in Canton, OH through April 30, 2017.

Through this work, we’re helping create meaningful engagement at the local level, while also helping bring attention to these stories nationally. We’re committed supporting and celebrating the communities where our customers live and work, and our strong partnership with C-SPAN is just one of the many ways we’re working to do that every day.