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Severe Weather

Helping Areas Impacted by Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

August 5, 2020

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Charter is committed to supporting the communities where our customers and employees live and work, especially in times of need. For states that often are in the pathways of hurricanes, this means keeping our customers informed, safe, and connected during these dangerous storms. That’s why Charter undertakes extensive coordination and preparation efforts to ensure we are able to assist our customers before, during, and after hurricanes.

Charter’s work serving communities begins long before these dangerous storms make landfall. Charter’s Spectrum News networks use state-of-the-art technology to help our expert meteorologists provide precise, up-to-date forecasts as storms develop, and help viewers prepare by providing storm preparedness checklists and useful guidance to help keep them safe. Our networks provide hyperlocal reports – right down to the neighborhood – so that viewers know how best to prepare and stay safe.

Staying connected during natural disasters like hurricanes is also important for emergency preparedness and response. During these dangerous storms, Charter is hard at work making sure our customers have access to emergency alert information, can stay in touch with loved ones, and are able to seek help if needed. Charter regularly reviews and updates our Disaster Emergency Action Plans, and before a hurricane even hits, we work to prepare our networks to ensure they are ready to withstand violent weather. We also position our employees and equipment strategically so that we can work to restore service in hard-hit areas as quickly as possible after the storm. Throughout weather events, wildfires, and other natural disasters, Charter works closely with federal, state, and local government officials, community leaders, and alongside others in the industry to ensure we are meeting needs and sharing appropriate information.

Once the storm passes and it is safe to do so, Charter technicians get to work restoring service to impacted areas as quickly as possible. In 2018, after Hurricane Michael carved a devastating path through the Florida Panhandle, large parts of our local network infrastructure were destroyed. Not only did we work to restore the existing video services as quickly as possible, we also invested $7 million to construct 100 miles of fiber-optic cable to connect Chattahoochee and Blountstown to the company’s network in Dothan. Charter’s support for our communities has included helping neighborhoods rebuild, including opening up our Wi-Fi hotspots for public use and donating airtime for Public Service Announcements to help keep the public updated on relief efforts in their community.

The areas impacted by hurricanes are the same communities where our customers and employees live and work, and Charter remains committed to helping the communities we serve – helping prepare ahead of the storm and restoring service as quickly as possible and rebuilding afterwards. From stocking food and water to having the right papers to first aid supplies, preparation is vital during storm season.

We’ve created a printable hurricane supply checklist to help you get started.