Strengthening the
Communities We Serve

Charter is committed to investing in the communities we serve and where our customers and our employees live and work. We do so by doing our part to help close the digital divide, making homes safer and healthier and investing in local news.

Spectrum Internet Assist

Charter’s Spectrum Internet Assist (SIA) is available to eligible households across the 41 states we serve. This low-cost broadband option for eligible families and seniors offers speeds of 30 Mbps, which exceeds the FCC’s definition of high-speed broadband. Helping bridge the digital divide for families through Spectrum Internet Assist is creating life-changing opportunities, allowing them to apply for jobs, complete homework or start their own businesses.

Spectrum Digital Education Grant Program

Charter’s Spectrum Digital Education Grants help bridge the gap in digital literacy through grants, public service announcements (PSAs) and direct engagement by partnering with nonprofit organizations committed to educating their communities on the benefits of broadband and how it can be used to improve their lives. Since 2017, Charter has awarded over $1.5 million to nonprofit organizations, including three deserving nonprofits who were awarded grants for a third straight year in 2019, and another seven received grants for a second time. The grants are part of a $5 million commitment to provide digital education in Charter communities.

Spectrum Housing Assist

Charter provides critical home repairs across the country by partnering with nonprofit organizations and engaging our employees and community volunteers. Between 2015 and 2019, Charter has improved over 41,000 homes and logged more than 52,000 volunteer hours – which puts us on track to reach our goal of improving 50,000 homes by the end of 2020.

When natural disasters hit, Charter employees not only work around the clock to minimize the impact on our service area and facilities – helping customers stay connected during natural disasters to access emergency alert information, reach loved ones or even seek aid – but also help rebuild communities after the storm through assistance from Spectrum Housing Assist.

To learn more about what our Spectrum Housing Assist events are like, visit our blog.

Spectrum News

An important part of Charter’s commitment to the communities we serve is our Spectrum News channels which provide 24/7 news, weather, and sports coverage to viewers in Charter markets around the country. At a time when local news is shrinking, Charter is increasing resources for Spectrum Networks, now with over 30 news channels in 9 states. At the end of 2018 Charter launched four new channels, including Spectrum News 1 channels in Southern California, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Kentucky. Through programming like In Focus, a weekly public affairs show exclusively on Spectrum News networks, Charter is delivering high quality programming that has an impact on the community.

In addition, Spectrum News’ Washington, D.C. bureau provides in-depth coverage of how the impact of the federal government’s actions is felt in each of Charter’s markets where we have a news channel. Wherever Charter has a channel, there is a reporter assigned to cover that state’s delegation in Congress.