Investing in American Infrastructure

Charter is building and improving the communications infrastructure needed to keep our economy strong and growing.


Investing Billions of Dollars in Infrastructure and Technology

Since 2015, we’ve invested nearly $40 billion1 in our infrastructure and technology. These investments have enabled us to expand the reach of our fiber-rich network and allow us to deliver fast and reliable broadband to customers in urban, suburban, and rural communities across America.


Advanced All-Digital Network

In 2018, Charter completed its all-digital initiative. As a result, virtually all of Charter’s national footprint is now all-digital, allowing us to offer more advanced products and services and provides residential customers with two-way digital set-top receivers, which offer better video picture quality, an interactive programming guide, and thousands of On Demand movies and TV shows on all TV outlets in the home. The bandwidth that is made available by going all-digital can then be redeployed to significantly raise broadband speeds.

Increasing Starting Broadband Speeds

Charter delivers some of the fastest starting speeds in the industry, 200 Mbps to 60% of the homes and businesses we serve and 100 Mbps nearly everywhere else.

Delivering Gig Speeds

Spectrum Internet Gig delivers a 1 Gbps connection (940 Mbps maximum download) to customers’ homes and businesses across virtually our entire footprint. Bringing Spectrum Internet Gig to our customers enables them to connect their homes to the Internet of Things (IoT), stream video and enjoy enhanced gaming and other entertainment simultaneously on multiple devices. Recognizing the importance of fast, reliable service for community institutions, we offer 10 Gbps symmetrical speed to schools, libraries, hospitals, and other important community institutions through Spectrum Enterprise.

Working Towards 10G

Our industry is working towards realizing a future of 10 gigabit networks, or 10G, in the years ahead. 10G will deliver to customers broadband speeds 10 times faster than what is delivered by today’s networks and will have the speed and capacity to change the way we live.


  1. Data as of December 31, 2019