Driving Innovation

Charter is investing in enhanced WiFi and innovative fixed and mobile technologies like 5G, to deliver a leading connectivity experience and enable customers to access any content, anywhere, on any supported device. Our goal at Charter is to ultimately deliver ubiquitous connectivity to all of our customers – those living in urban, suburban and rural communities alike.

Emerging Wireless Leader

Charter has invested billions of dollars in fiber and densifying our network in part to offer faster broadband speeds, and in part to prepare for the bandwidth needs of 5G. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the advanced video and virtual reality applications that individuals and communities want, depend on combining ultra-fast WiFi with innovative wireless technologies like 5G – all powered by a robust high capacity, high compute, low latency broadband infrastructure. Charter is well-positioned as a company to use our advanced high-speed network to deploy 5G and other next-generation wireless technologies.

Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum Mobile® delivers fast, reliable mobile service to our customers from coast to coast. And now with 5G, Spectrum Mobile offers the next generation of wireless technology for an even better mobile experience for today and tomorrow.

Investing in Innovative Wireless Access Technologies like 5G

The next step in our wireless evolution will be to deploy 4G and 5G small cells and integrate them with our existing infrastructure. We are conducting extensive trials using small cells to inform how we will leverage these innovative technologies to improve our wireless products.

Some of the trials have involved testing 3.5 GHz spectrum, which we believe could be used to extend the reach of our broadband network and provide cost-effective, wireline-like connectivity to less densely populated areas. Results of these trials have also been promising; we’re seeing speeds that significantly exceed the FCC’s definition of high-speed broadband, allowing for video streaming and the use of multiple apps simultaneously. Charter is actively testing 4G LTE and 5G technologies and conducting tests using different spectrum bands in a variety of environments across the country which, combined with our existing network, will enable us to deliver the next generation of broadband services to our customers.

Partnering with Smart Cities

Charter delivers connectivity solutions that are the foundation of today’s communications infrastructure and tomorrow’s smart cities. We are continually investing in the communities we serve by increasing the capacity and capabilities of our network to meet the growing needs of households and businesses. We’ve upgraded to an all-digital network and provide Gig speeds to households and small businesses across virtually our entire footprint. We’re increasing the density and depth of our dedicated fiber network to serve the mission critical needs of larger businesses.

Our investment in new technologies and network infrastructure will provide the connectivity framework for communities to take advantage of new and innovative smart city services such as connected healthcare solutions, dynamic street lighting, enhanced security, fleet management and traffic monitoring, and can even enable connected and autonomous vehicles. Our network already enables smart city services in some communities and, as more communities embrace the potential of these services, Spectrum can be a reliable partner to deliver them.

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