Driving Innovation

Charter is the second largest cable broadband provider in a industry undergoing tremendous innovation and change, with customers increasingly accessing the content of their choice when and where they want it.

Harnessing 5G

Charter is well-positioned as a company to use our advanced high-speed network to deploy next-generation 5G and other next-gen wireless technologies. Ultimately, these improvements will enhance connectivity for millions of our customers across the 41 states we serve. We’re conducting next-gen wireless network tests in the lab and in the field as part of our commitment to maximize opportunities to harness innovation and continue to deliver superior products and services to our customers.

Superior Products and Services at a Better Value

Our flagship speed is 100 megabits per second (Mbps) in virtually every market we serve. Last year, we increased that speed 66% – from 60 Mbps to an even faster 100 Mbps – at no extra cost to our customers. Additionally, in a growing number of markets, we have begun upgrading that flagship speed to 200 Mbps.

We’re also rolling out Spectrum Internet Gig that offers a 1 Gbps connection to customers’ homes in a growing number of markets across our national footprint.

While customers may experience these speed upgrades as if a switch has been flipped, they were made possible by our constant investments in infrastructure and technology. These investments allow us to better serve our valued customers every day, in ways big and small. Since 2014, we’ve invested more than $25 billion in these crucial areas.

Some of the places we’ve invested in include video delivery, more efficient bandwidth management and advanced compression technologies. This investment has enabled us to improve the quality of our video while reducing the bandwidth needed for its delivery. The bandwidth that is made available can then be dedicated to significantly increasing our broadband speeds.

Spectrum TV App

Charter’s Spectrum TV App allows customers to access 300 live TV channels and up to 30,000 On Demand TV shows and movies without having to rent a set-top-box. Customers can access all of this content using tablets, smartphones and other connected devices in the home, such as Roku, Xbox One, and Samsung Smart TV.

Spectrum Guide

Charter’s new Spectrum Guide offers our customers a user-friendly navigation experience that makes finding the movies, shows and live sports they want to watch easy and fun. Customers can watch all of their favorite HD channels or choose from a robust On Demand library.