Blog December 19, 2018

Delivering on High Speed Broadband for New York

Charter, under the brand name Spectrum, delivers over 111% of advertised download speeds, and we deliver those speeds more consistently than any other ISP in the country at 104% of advertised download speed, according to the latest FCC Report[1].


Providing a superior broadband experience is central to Charter’s mission to deliver the best communications and entertainment products to our more than 26 million customers across 41 states, including three million customers in New York. It’s why we made gigabit connections available not just in our most competitive markets, but across virtually our entire footprint, in urban, suburban and rural communities alike – including across the state of New York. Every day Spectrum Internet helps people apply for jobs, access healthcare, manage their business or do their school-work.

We recently agreed to a settlement with the New York State Attorney General to resolve allegations against Time Warner Cable (TWC) about TWC practices, not Charter practices, which predated Charter’s acquisition of that company. Importantly, after more than three years of investigation and litigation, the Attorney General’s office failed to uncover any evidence of fraudulent or otherwise unlawful behavior by Time Warner Cable. Charter agreed to pay refunds of $62.5 million in order to put the costly and time consuming litigation behind us, but the settlement does not reflect any findings of fact and may not be construed as evidence of wrongdoing. The dollar figure leading the Attorney General’s press release appears nowhere in the actual settlement. Simply put, the headline-seeking rhetoric that accompanied disclosure of the settlement does not reflect how Charter acts as a company, the products and services we deliver, how we treat our customers or the substance of the settlement itself.

The truth is that since coming to New York in 2016 following the merger, Charter has made it a priority to improve services and speeds – and we have done just that. We raised starting broadband speeds to 100 Mbps and then 200 Mbps at no extra cost. We brought Spectrum Internet Gig and 400 Mbps speeds throughout the New York state service area. And our low cost broadband for low-income families and seniors, Spectrum Internet Assist, provides 30 Mbps download speeds for $14.95 per month.

Charter is proud of our investments and improvements in New York and across the country that enable great broadband experiences for our customers. As we said above, the FCC reported tests confirm the superiority of Charter Spectrum’s broadband service. These successes are real and they are having a positive impact for our customers every day. We strive to better serve our customers and we will continue working to exceed their expectations and earn their business every day.

FCC, Eighth Measuring Broadband America Fixed Broadband Report: A Report on Consumer Fixed Broadband Performance in the United States, Chart 6 (2018),