Putting Customers First

We’re changing what American tech companies look like by growing America’s economy and driving innovation so our customers can receive the information and entertainment they want.

Committing first and foremost to a superior customer experience

Charter puts customers first by providing superior products at a better value. We take a different approach than our competitors, committing first and foremost to a superior customer experience because we believe the best way to grow our company is by treating our customers well and offering them the best value.

Better Trained and Equipped Employees

Charter’s in-house, American workforce enables us to ensure our employees are properly trained and equipped to resolve customer concerns on the first call—improving the customer experience and reducing costs.

When we do visit our customers’ homes, we schedule one-hour appointment windows at a time that works for them, with one-third of our service windows in the evenings and on the weekends.


Straightforward Pricing

We offer straightforward, nationally-uniform pricing with no modem fees, no early termination fees, and no added federal or state Universal Service Fund (USF) fees to customers.

Better Product at a Better Value

Our broadband customers get more for less; since 2012 we have upped our minimum base speed to 60 Mbps (and 100 Mbps in some areas), while decreasing the price per megabit from $1.67 to $0.90 for bundled service.

Diverse Programming

We have one of the most robust Spanish language offering in the business with more than 75 channels covering news, live sports and entertainment programming in our Latino tier.

Listening to Customers

We’ve heard from our customers about how they want to reach us, so we’re also continuing to expand avenues for customer engagement, including our websites, forums, apps, and devices—as well as the traditional telephonic and in-person channels.